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Mar 12 2007

Song of the Day

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“De La Rey, De La Rey”

“De La Rey, De La Rey” by Bok van BlerkThere is a lot to this song. I fell in love with the music. It just seems to stir something up inside of me. Once you know what it is all about it might stir things up inside of you as well. In the future I will be getting into just what is behind this powerful song.Keep an eye on the History Section of if you are into learning about things that simply are not taught to you in school.

“De La Rey, De La Rey” – Video

[youtube width=”600″ height=”501″][/youtube]

“Baie dankie aan almal wat my ondersteun en die CD gekoop het” sê Bok van Blerk, “ons het glad nie verwag dat ons so vinnig goue status gaan bereik nie. Inteendeel, ons is alweer halfpad na platinum status!”Bok van Blerk is ook een van die gewildste kunstenaars op die verhoog saam met sy briljante band – met Manie van Niekerk op lead kitaar, Francois Coetzee op bass kitaar, en Nathan Smit op dromme!Vir besprekings of meer inligting– kontak Theresa du Preez/Sonnel Esterhuizen by (011) 880 1027Maak seker jy kry jou hande op ‘n CD om te kyk waaroor almal praat! Kliek hier om die CD aan te skaf.Foto’s: Robert Adele Hamblin en Alet Pretorius

Join die Bok van Blerk mailing list om op hoogte te bly van gigs en ander gebeure. Stuur e-pos met “Bok Poslys” as onderwerp aan:

De La Rey, De La Rey

English Lyrics

On a mountain in the night
we lie in the darkness and wait
In the mud and blood I lie cold, grain bag and rain cling to me
And my house and my farm
burned to ashes,
so that they could catch us
But those flames and that fire
burn now deep, deep within me

De la Rey, De la Rey
Will you come to lead the Boers?
De la Rey, De la Rey
General, General, as one man we’ll fall in around you
General De la Rey

And the Khakis that laugh, a handful of us against their whole great might,
with the cliffs to our backs, they think it’s all over

But the heart of the Boer lies deeper and wider,
that they’ll still discover
At a gallop he comes, the Lion of the West Transvaal
Because my wife and my child are perishing in a concentration camp,
and the Khakis’ reprisal is poured over a nation that will rise up again

General De la Rey
De la Rey, De la Rey
Will you come for the Boers?
We are ready

One of the Podcasts I listen to weekly is “Hello Africa”. I strongly recommend it. It is both entertaining and quite informative. Best of all, I can listen to two guys that are broadcasting both on shortwave and live on the Internet, back in America, from the town of my birth, New York City.

Visit “The Right Perspective” and since you have already heard the video, why not listen to the interview of Bok van Blerk with Frank and John.

Bok van Blerk does call into the show and does an interview. Bok comes on about 14 minutes in, don’t worry. It does sound like he cancelled though when you listen to the beginning. I assure you that the interview does happen….

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bok Van Blerk Interview

Hello, Africa!

Frank and John interview Bok Van Blerk, aka Louis Pepler, singer of the international hit single, “De La Rey.” Evoking Boere Nationalism, the song calls on General De La Rey, hero of the Boerevolk during the Second Boer War, to come back once again to save his people, who now face a similar plight. Louis Pepler talks in this exclusvie interview on what prompted him to write this song, among other things.You can purchase Bok Van Blerk’s album, including the single and video for “De La Rey,” at

[youtube width=”600″ height=”501″][/youtube]

[youtube width=”600″ height=”501″][/youtube]


  1. Having lived and worked in Africa,from the west to east and south,for over 33 years,originally from a European background and presently living ‘permanently ‘ in Sweden,although spend half the year in Africa, understand the concept of Africa from two perspectives.

    Bok Van Blerk is not unique as far as Afrikaans’s are concerned, they love their country and are proud to be South Africans, as I am proud to be associated with them.

    Comment by Mzungu — Jul 15 2007 @ 19:37

  2. Mzungu, I was likewise impressed with Bok’s strength of character and humble demeanor. I will put a post on with a playlist of the weekly “Hello Africa” program. The Boerevolk that are interviewed are as you say “Not Unique” amoung themselves. The Boreevolk however sort of have a problem being lumped into the group “Afrikaan”.

    The possitive personality traits of the Boreevolk are sadly lacking today in Europe and America.

    Skål Ta Mej FAN

    Comment by entry — Jul 16 2007 @ 02:16

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