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Mar 11 2008

Baby Got Rhythm III

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…or “Little drummer boy”, Swedish style.

4-year-old Jonathan NicklagÃ¥rd from Vadstena, Sweden plays the drums to the song “Kom ihÃ¥g mej” (Remember me) by Swedish troubadour Lars Winnerbäck.
[youtube width=”600″ height=”501″][/youtube]
Jonathan received his little red drum set as a present from his parents for Christmas last year (read 2007), and despite his lack of years he is able to keep rhythm and loves “playing fast” on his snare drum.
Jonathan admitted to the local newspaper Motala-Vadstena Tidning that interviewed him that he had not yet mastered playing with his feet, pointing to his somewhat redundant bass drum.
The budding rock star says that although playing the drums makes him “so terrifically happy”, sometimes he gets tired of rock n’ roll and likes to play with his pirate ship instead.

He’s really good – and so cute!!!
Just look at his little tongue sticking out, he’s just SO focused on what he’s doing!
Give him a few more years and hope that his interest in drumming lasts, and the older drummers will have some serious competition there!!!
Oh – I should add that it is Jonathan’s father Martin NicklagÃ¥rd who plays the guitar and sings while Jonathan bangs away on his little red drum set, they’re a really great two man band!
Martin added in the interview that he has NOT been pushing his little drummer boy into doing anything, they play when Jonathan WANTS to play, and that’s that.
Way to go, Dad!!!
If you are forcing a child to do something, the way I see it, you’re making them HATE doing it!
Kids are kids, let them BE kids who play and have fun.
I’m sure we will see MORE of Jonathan as he grows older…

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