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Jun 08 2007

Povel Ramel – Sweden has lost a great entertainer

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I always feel a bit sad when people I have enjoyed watching and listening to pass away…

Povel was such a great songwriter, his lyrics were funny, very clever and he was always great entertainment! I learned many of his songs by heart as a VERY YOUNG child, since my father liked him a lot.

Thankfully his music will live on – I will leave you with two music videos and then a bit of facts about him…

The first video is Joe Mellone and his Mellonians, described as “a flawlessly performed ‘artattack’ on the big band era in TV entertainment, sung in mixed English and Swedish and invented English by 2 famous Swedish entertainers” – Povel Ramel and Hasse Alfredsson! (Povel is the one with the DARK hair – in reality he had very little hair…)

[youtube width=”600″ height=”501″][/youtube]

The second one is The Sukiyaki Syndrome – see facts below:

[youtube width=”600″ height=”501″][/youtube]

Baron Povel Karl Henrik Ramel (June 1, 1922 – June 5, 2007) was a Swedish entertainer. Ramel was a singer, pianist, vaudeville artist, composer, songwriter and author. He wrote over 1,000 songs. His style was characterized by a most imaginative wit, both verbally and musically. He took inspiration from US and UK ‘crazy’ style humor and created his own personal Swedish version, based on his mentioned wit, unusual combinations of lyrics and music, word play, pastiche and generic unexpectedness. He was regarded as a legend and institution in Swedish entertainment.

At age 15 Povel accompanied his parents on a car trip, when a frontal collision occurred. Ramel’s mother, Märta Tesch, died the following day in a hospital. His father died a few months later, after being subjected to suspect medical procedures.

He was raised by his aunt, who saw his artistic skills.

He went to art school, but the infatuation with painting did not last. But his love for playing the piano and with words took hold, as he became inspired by jazz musicians such as Bing Crosby, Fats Waller, Nat Gonella, Spike Jones and Harry Roy. Entering Aftonbladet’s talent hunt, Vi som vill opp 1939, Ramel sang and yawned his own composition, En sömnig serenad (A Sleepy Serenade). Already at this time Ramel was a prolific songwriter. His aunt wrote the lyrics to one of his songs, released on record, En vÃ¥r utan dig (A Spring Without You).

Ramel’s lyrics are noted for their humor and drastic wordplay. Musically he was able to adopt styles from most every field of music in existence and cast them into his own.

He has written at least one song in English, “The Sukiyaki Syndrome”, about a visit to a Japanese restaurant.

He has written a few Swedish lyrics to well-known English songs:

H̦gt uppe p̴ berget (High up on the Mountain) РCover of On Top of Old Smokey

Far, jag kan inte fÃ¥ upp min kokosnöt (Daddy, I can’t Break Open my Coconut) – Cover of I’ve got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

In 1983 Ramel founded Karamelodiktstipendiet, a prize annually awarded to a Swedish entertainer or group of entertainers. It’s intended for renewers of the Swedish language or related musical advances. The prize was presented by Ramel in Hagaparken in Stockholm. The name of the prize is a pun similar to the one described above, referring to “karamell” and Ramel; “dikt” means poem and “stipendie” scholarship. Thus the recipient is not only awarded a monetary prize, but also a bag of bon-bons and a poem written by Ramel himself. After the ceremony everyone is offered fried pigeon, which most guests politely abstain from eating. The prize is, according the the founder, enough to make the recipient economically independent, at least for the rest of the day (it was 20.000 SEK until 2007 when it was increased to 25.000 SEK).

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